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Essential Tips for Healthy Grilling

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Tips for Healthy GrillingWhen you cook lean meat, trim off any visible fat before placing it on the grill. Then while it's grilling, additional fat drips away. That helps you reduce the fat per serving by nearly 50 percent. And unlike sautéing with its heavy use of oil, grilling doesn't add any unhealthy products to your food.

What About the Flavor? Don't You Need Heavy Sauces When Grilling?

Fortunately, the answer is an emphatic no. There are two ways you can flavor your meat, even within the confines of a low fat recipe. First, try a rub. A rub is essentially a mix of dried herbs and spices that add flavor. For fish or boneless chicken breasts, you want the rub to sit for around 30 minutes before grilling. To get the most flavor out of a rub on roasts and large cuts of meat, put it on at least three hours ahead of time or even the night before.

The second way is with a marinade. Here you need to be careful, because some marinade recipes contain a lot of oil. In reality, you only need 2-3 tablespoons of oil to bring out the flavor of the meat. Just add nonstick cooking spray to the grill as well. And you can give marinades a low fat recipe makeover by using herbs, spices, and an acidic liquid like citrus juice or vinegar in addition to that oil.

Healthy Tips for Low Fat Grilling

When you're letting a marinade or rub soak into meat, leave it in the refrigerator. Throw out any leftover marinade that's touched the raw meat—do not use it for basting. You should also use a meat thermometer while grilling since this can help prevent you from overcooking the meat while also ensuring it's thoroughly done.

With a small amount of preparation, you can enhance the flavor to your grilling favorites and cook up a delicious meal in no time.

About Our Savvy Advisor: Laura Horwitz

Savvy Advisor: Laura Horwitz Having lived in North America, Europe, and Africa, Laura has sampled fresh cooking and unique ingredients around the world. Now you can find her scouring farmers markets and specialty stores in Los Angeles for the sweetest, ripest, and most delicious flavors. While she tries to follow a healthy diet, she confesses to having a definite sweet tooth, and therefore remains vigilante about finding healthier ways to prepare her favorite foods.