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The Healthy Lunch Series

Studies by organizations like the American Dietetic Association, report that 75% us are skipping lunch or "working through lunch" more days than not. It may seem like a harmless practice, but to the contrary, research shows that by taking a lunch, eating well, and taking a break from work, actually leaves us feeling more energized and more engaged when we return.
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Lunch Ideas for the Shrinking Lunch "Hour"

Working through LunchMore and more Americans are finding that they don't have the luxury of a 60-minute lunch. Some people have more than one job or they are working while attending school, which creates a chaotic schedule that has them rushing from one obligation to the next.

Lunches also are being voluntarily sacrificed by employees who worry about staying ahead, while other employees don't have a choice, as some companies don't grant workers...... [Read more]