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Savvy advice from people in the know

The web is brimming over with information on a tremendous number of topics. The challenge is getting really good advice that is relevant to you. That's where Adavvy can help.

It's like asking a good friend, who is an expert, for advice. Someone who you trust. Someone who knows you well. Someone who knows their stuff and can get you to the right place, fast.

We've started with a collection of health-related articles written by our team of experts. And now we’re tapping into the connectedness of the "social web" to help you see what your friends think is valuable—their favorite articles and advice.

You can also ask for advice on what you need, and we'll deliver. And if you want to expand your view to the big wide web you can do that too. It's the best of both worlds.

Check out our advice. Read others' comments and piggyback on their feedback with a bit of your own insight. Give and take. Get relevant and timely advice.

We hope you'll hop on board! And enjoy the ride.

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